What is the ColdShower

What is the ColdShower
Our Chill, Chipper Story

Gandhi Entrepreneur Meets Eye of The Tiger

But seriously, it's just like that. If Gandhi would translate what we are working towards it would be:

“A universal aspiration, satisfying our basic human needs."

Two Guys Walk Into A....

During the late summer months of 2022, the ColdShower was born. Two lifelong friends seeking ways to create, not just consume, and add value to the world.

They Wanted A Better Tomorrow

Across many brainstorming sessions, a few ideas remained constant. We both seek to continuously improve, enjoy maximizing our productivity, balanced by healthy habits, wellness, and living a complete life.

Why "ColdShower"?

Brain, Brain.... Brainstorm Engaged.

A “Eureka” moment. While brainstorming, we couldn’t get over how GOOD we felt one particular morning. We had an early morning rise, hot yoga, then a cold shower before starting our day.

Momentary Brainchild Syndrome

BOOM! Why not be the ColdShower? It’s a small habit with big rewards. It’s counter-intuitive. It’s painstakingly easy, definitely not as sexy as we'd like but oh well.

"I'm Not Taking a ColdShower"

Don't!! Not everyone wants to physically freeze, we get that. The idea is we do the extra work, like how ColdShower's are very extra, so you can read and take advantage of the benefits.

It's Not About The Shower

All we hope is for us ColdShower peeps to find our own way to challenge ourselves and grow to our utmost potential. You know, for a better life and world around us, however we can

A Community With An Edge

Expect ColdShowers With A Chance of Life Hacks

We are going to be a source of ways to upgrade the life around us. From finances, health, attitude, awareness, work/life balance, relationships, entrepreneurship, every aspect of life we come across. We're getting better every week.

5-Minute Read Every Week

It's almost too good and too easy not to open up. Look for us in the inbox, every Wednesday, with the freeze emoji!

*Drops The Mic*

Life hacks to level up, ways to cope for a better tomorrow. Move forward the right way with good people, here. Since ColdShowers, we're reaping the benefits. More to come!

How We Do, What We Do


The feeling of ice-cold water lighting up our senses. Writing to motivate, inspire, and deliver energy.


Strengthening our Resolve. Building good habits. Topics to practice gratitude, build upon our good habits, and amplify things we know.


Equilibrium. Centering our body & mind. Fresh ideas and new perspectives for growth.