5 Easy Ways to go Plant-Based & Not Look like a String Bean

5 Easy Ways to go Plant-Based & Not Look like a String Bean

1. Meatless Monday

Or any day (We're partial to alliteration). Placing emphasis on one day a week can help build a lasting habit and is more approachable when experimenting with new recipes.

Need that protein? Do this on an easy workout day with less protein demands (and read on for tips 2-5).

2. Pack in the Powders

    Try mixing in protein powder and collagen to recipes for a protein punch. Our favorites - smoothie bowls, overnight oat, pancakes, stews (unflavored powder for this one).  

    3. Leverage Legumes

    The more you eat, the more you....(pack on the muscle!). Beans are dirt cheap, easy to prep, and stay fresh for a week in the fridge. 

    Legumes can be the star of the plate (Lentil Bolognese) or be a versatile side dish (High Protein Bean Salad)

    4. "Grain-ify" Salads

    Normal salads just don't cut it. Why not make grains the star? Grains like barley, quinoa, and rice will add protein and satiety to salads. 

    Our staples - Roasted Avocado Corn Grain Salad & Mandarin Ginger Cashew Barley Grain Bowl

    5. Fire up the Grill

    Up your #GrillDaddy (or GrillMommy) game by firing up veggies with all that extra grill space. Give that meat a friend (we're talking plant-based, not plant-only). Vegetables are great for flexing that creative muscle when cooking.

    ProTip* Black Bean Burgers are great for making a double batch and storing in the freezer for quick cookouts.