3 Effective Strategies to Regain Your Focus and Reduce Smartphone Distractions

3 Effective Strategies to Regain Your Focus and Reduce Smartphone Distractions

We're in a war for attention. Against ourselves and our constant need for smartphone stimulation. 

Luckily the enemy has shown it's weak spots. Here are 3 actionable ways to fight back and regain our energy and focus, a la iPhone settings.

1. App limits

Start here for the minor app addiction. App limits allow for screen time thresholds. You can set daily limits for individual apps or app categories. A good starting point is a 1 hour limit on your most feisty apps. 

2. Downtime "workaround"

For when you admit you have a full blown problem. Downtime lets you block apps or notifications for certain periods of time when you need a tech detox. Typically, downtime is used to build healthy habits after hours.

In our specific use case, we used downtime to restrict specific apps (Youtube, Instagram, etc.) during the weekdays.

We set our downtime schedule to Monday - Friday 12:00AM - 11:59PM and placed no restrictions on Saturday or Sunday.

Now for the workaround. Downtime blocks all apps by default (minus critical apps like calls and messages). You can select which apps you'd like always allowed during downtime. You can keep on critical apps like banking, email, etc... Or turn them all off and live like it's 2003.

3. Focus mode

Throwing this one in here because why not. Once you've cut all distractions, it's time to get to business. Give focus mode a shot for when you need to reduce all notifications. After all, it's hard reaching that sweet sweet flow state, why lose that for a Dominos pizza app notification...

(Those coupons will still be there when you get back)